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So Cal Teeth Whitening

Less than 5 % of patients experience ‘zingers’ – which are cold   sensations that go away after a few seconds. Once the whitening process is stopped all zingers go away.

In a word, No. The at home system is meant for use and maintenance. Zero long term sensitivity occurs when teeth whitening is stopped.

Age 14 and above can do the Kor Teeth Whitening system.

No light is used. In-office Teeth Whitening is done AFTER at home Teeth Whitening with three 20 min sessions of Hydremide Peroxide gel – without a light.

A) The Kor Teeth Whitening System have VERY DETAILED TRAYS that DO NOT Allow Saliva or any oral fluids to enter the whitening trays to wash out the peroxide gel.

B) The Kor Whitening Peroxide Gel formulation was developed with over 40 years of research. It is Shipped in a Cold Pack and ALWAYS KEPT REFRIGERATED. The Science of the Formulation delivers the Most Predictable Stain removal of any Teeth Whitening Gel on the Market.

The Kor Whitening System DOES NOT ALLOW SALIVA TO WASH OUT THE PEROXIDE GEL – allowing the peroxide gel to work for up to 6 hours and the trays are worn comfortably while the patient sleeps.

In addition, The Kor Whitening Peroxide Gel is ALWAYS KEPT REFRIGERATED and most importantly the KOR CARBAMIDE PEROXIDE GEL was made with over 40 years of research and is the most effective teeth whitening gel in dentistry – according to all major dental publications and journals.