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So Cal Teeth Whitening

Dr. Iman Sadri
A Passion for Teeth Whitening

When Dr. Iman first saw a Kor Teeth Whitening ‘Before and After’ series in a Dentist Magazine in 1999 he saw first hand the Transformative, Life Changing Power a Rejuvenated New Smile Could Bring to Every Aspect of Someone’s Life.

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So Cal Teeth Whitening was designed to provide Teeth Whitening with Real Results using Predictable Science. Dr. Iman uses the Kor Whitening System developed by Teeth Whitening Guru Dr. Rod Kurthy. When you’re ready for Teeth Whitening That Works ! Make an Appointment Today – Easily Online – Now with Two Locations in OC to Serve You : Newport Beach and Foothill Ranch – Call 949 587 2800 .

KOR Whitening - Works With SCIENCE.

Step 1: DETAILED IMPRESSIONS of your Teeth are Taken at the First Visit.

Step 2: Pick Up the Kor Whitening Trays at PCH Med Spa and the Carbamide Peroxide Gel which is Shipped in a Cold Pack and Constantly Kept Refrigerated. The formulation of the Kor Carbamide Peroxide gel took 40 years of research. And is the most effective Peroxide gel of any Teeth Whitening system due to its ability to remove maximum amount of stains.

Step 3: You wear the Kor Trays While You Sleep Every Night. The ULTRA-DETAILED SEAL of the Kor Trays Prevent Saliva From Entering to Wash Out the Peroxide Gel. Other whitening systems allow saliva and sulcular fluid to enter to wash out the peroxide gel due to the lack of detailed seal. The Kor system whitens for up to 6 hours.

Welcome to So cal Teeth Whitening by Dr Iman Sadri

So Cal Teeth Whitening was founded to deliver powerful Teeth Whitening results that last ! Using Science with DETAILED custom Teeth Whitening Trays that Don’t Allow Saliva to Enter to Wash out the Peroxide Gel. Other teeth whitening systems allow saliva to enter to the non-detailed trays and thus wash out the peroxide gel. Losing efficacy after only 20-30 minutes. The Teeth Whitening System Dr. Iman uses Kor Whitening also uses a refrigerated Teeth Whitening gel that is pure peroxide.

The formulation of Kor Whitening’s Carbamide Peroxide gel works at optimum pH, always refrigerated, to break down stains that are deep in the teeth – called chromophores.

With the Kor Whitening system the you comfortably wear the Kor trays while you sleep. Other tray systems are too bulky and not as detailed. Allowing Saliva to Enter to Wash out the Peroxide gel. Other peroxide gels have anti-salivary chemicals diluting their teeth whitening efficacy. The science of Teeth Whitening occurs from Free Radical release, which breakdown the deep stains that have accumulated over time.

Kor Teeth Whitening Works With Real Science

The Ultra-Tight Seal with Your Kor Teeth Whitening Trays Prevent Saliva to Enter and Wash Out the Peroxide Gel – A formulation of Carbamide Peroxide for At Home Whitening which was formulated with Over 40 + years of research.

  • Remove stains that have accumulated over decades in 1-3 weeks.
  • The Kor Whitening trays are easy and comfortable to wear and worn when you sleep. The Kor System works for Up to 6 Hours.
  • Zero Saliva or Sulcular Fluid enters the Kor Seal trays to wash out the Peroxide Gel.
  • Peroxide Gel is Kept Refrigerated at All Times.
  • Kor Whitening was formulated with 40 Years of Research.

Kor Teeth Whitening

With Kor Whitening, stains are predictably removed over time, not in one hour. One hour Teeth Whitening does not remove decades of stains in 60 minutes. The Kor Max system includes three 20 minute sessions of In-Office Teeth Whitening – without a Light. The Kor system removes 95 % of stains at home from 7 to 14 nights in a row of wearing the Ultra-Detailed Trays.

Teeth Whitening That Works with Science

The Kor Whitening System was Developed with Over 40 Years of Research
Teeth Get White Over Weeks Not in One Hour
The Kor Whitening System Effectively removes Stains Over 7 - 14 nights

Happy Patients - Real Results

Finally Teeth Whitening That Works

I’ve been a patient of Dr sadri for years. And he’s the only dentist that I trust my teeth with. Highly recommend him and his great team.

Raad Shahin

The best dentist experience I’ve ever had. Explained everything and was kind and caring. I just found my new dentist.

thomas vargas

Dr. Sadri is great and knowledgeable, the staff and Hygenists are very friendly and Michael, the front office manager is amazing. Been a patient for many years and very happy with all the dental works I’ve done there. Highly recommend Footbill Smiles to friends and family.

elly grrl

Dr Sadri and his staff are wonderful. My husband and I have been patients for almost 10 years. They are up to date on today’s best dentistry and pro-active with their patients. Dr. Sadri is friendly, honest and the front office (Michelle who is wonderful by the way) is upfront on your costs prior to any work being done. They truly care for their patients.

Lia Wilcox

Dr. Sadri and the staff at Foothill Smiles are nice! The hygienists are great as well and they try to be as comforting as they do their cleaning.

I have been going to this dentistry for more than 10 years now and do a good job at the cleaning!

Dani Cyn

It’s about time I’ve written this review! I’ve been coming to Dr. Sadri for about 3 years. I’ve lived all over OC and Long Beach but still travel to Dr. Sadri and his wonderful staff because they do great work and I trust them. Dr. Sadri does a good job of explaining things and his team is very thorough. The team is very professional and friendly- I definitely recommend!

Lauren Ehrensberger

Dr. Sadri is a wonderful and experienced dentist. He has been our family dentists for many years. Dr. Sadri’s calm demeanor and soothing words make you fully at ease. Wonderful office with friendly and professional staff. I would recommend him to my relatives and friends all the time.

Bahman Ehdaie

I really can’t say enough about how happy I am finding Dr. Ali Sadri!! Foothill Dentistry is 100% perfection, he is always professional, warm, and knowledgeable. And the stuff have always been very friendly and efficient, I love this office and can’t say enough good things about him. Thank you Dr. Sadri.

Ati Zad

Dr. Sadri, is kind, gentler, super knowledgable and works within your budget whenever possible. It had been a long time since I’ve been to a dentist, because like others I don’t enjoy the experience. When I absolutely had to have work done I was fortunate enough to find Dr Sadri and hope to keep him as my dentist permanently . Great staff, but better yet awesome Dentist, Dr, Sadri. I went in with a chipped front tooth and he magically fix it in 20 minutes. No needles, no pain,. You’ve got to check this dentist out.

Margaret Winder

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